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This is the Thomas Guy, your roadmap for navigating a world with your guide. John Thomas, political savant, world-class analyst and culture critic. No need to Google directions. Just buckle up and enjoy the ride. This is Thomas Guy with your host, John Thomas.

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Yesterday had been the best day Trump’s presidency so far. We’ll get into it and what coming up this week, another episode of the Thomas guide. Welcome back to another episode of the Thomas guide. I’m John Thomas. Your host will a you thought 2020 Trump’s reelection effort might not be quite as exciting as 2016 oil. Hoping to, you know, you’re wrong. The season finale of Trump is going to be the most Epic yet. And if this week is any indication of what we have in store by lots and lots of popcorn, prepare for a roller coaster, it’s going to be awesome to watch. So of course I’m a political strategist by trade. That’s what I do during the day. Um, I also, and then on air commentator, I work at KFI and I heart radio. And of course I do the uh, the daily Thomas guide podcast. But truthfully, if I weren’t doing this for a living, I would be doing this, just, I would be working in politics or following it at least, um, every day because I just love it.

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It’s really fun and entertaining. And I, and I also find it useful that I’m able to, because I work in the field, I’m able to, uh, dissect really what’s going on because I’m the guy who sits in the war room making the decisions, making the recommendations, writing the speeches, doing the polling. I know all the elements of a campaign in the news cycle. So I’m able to sort it out. So it really is fun for me and I hope that you find as part of this podcast that you get to look through my lens and unpack what’s really going on throughout this process. So where are we now? So we have the Iowa debacle. Uh, that was an unmitigated disaster. This is the same democratic party that can’t even manage to count 99 precinct, 99 captains to use nap, but they want to run our health, our health care system, and they want nuclear weapons.

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Oh, that’s brilliant. Of course. At the same time, the untold story of last night really I think is turnout. You have to look at Trump of course, one that was not in question last night, but he won with 97% the vote and record Iowa caucus turnout for a GOP primary record turnout. And he wasn’t contested. It makes sense because today we saw that Gallup, which is a neutral polling organization, released a poll that showed Trump hits his highest approval rating of his presidency accordingly in the gallops track today, as long as gala’s been tracking Trop and they track, I think it’s about once a week found that Trump hit 49% and a Gallup poll. And if I’m being honest and I look at the methodology of Gallup, I really think that uh, it probably skews democratic by a point or two. So regardless, it’s, it’s a relative movement of where he was and where he is.

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49% approval is higher and we’re, Barack Obama was at this same point in his presidency tire, but the, but the overall approval doesn’t even tell the story. 50 51% of Americans said that if the election were held today, now obviously it isn’t and we’ve got to, uh, actually it was 52, uh, excuse me, 52%. If the election were held today, they would vote to reelect president Trump. These are huge numbers for him. Both his reelect numbers and his personal approval numbers. What he needs to do, if he wants to lock up his reelection is he has to mirror or try to shrink the gap between his economic approval, his job approval and his personal approvals. Now we saw in 2016 Trump got elected even though his personal approvals, his favoribility ratings were in the, depends on the survey you look at, but I think it saves to say mid their mid forties mid to low forties but he still got elected.

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Even with that because there can be a level of tog cognitive dissonance between who you’re pulling the lever for, whether you like them or not, or whether you think that they’re better than the other guy or girl, or you simply think that even if you don’t like them, they may be in your personal best interest more so than the other candidate. So you don’t have to have approval ratings be above 50 but if they are, you’re in a very, very good position so that if this is a leading indicator of where Trump will, his numbers are headed or if he can hold them here, he’s got it made in the shade. Now again, we’ve got it. They’re going to be so many twists and turns, so many ups and downs, so many news cycles between now and November. There’s no way that the gala approval rating stays steady or trumpet 49 but let’s just, you set the scene for last night’s state of the union.

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Trump came out of record, went in Iowa. Obviously he knows he’s safe for reelect. The Democrats can’t even conduct an election amongst themselves when even when the turnout is not even that big. And by the way, let’s talk about turnout, both surging for Trump on the Republican enthusiasm. Gallup has Trump’s approval rating among Republicans at 95% 95% nationwide is pretty incredible. But so turnout surge for Trump and Iowa on the democratic side, what people aren’t talking about is turnout is below 2016 levels. If that remains the trend, which I’m not sure it will be because I think what’s Trump’s on the ballot? He, he turns out different coalitions that may not love the Democrat but don’t like Trump. But we’ll see. But if this trend holds higher Republican enthusiasm than ever before, and fairly stereotypical, if not slightly lower enthusiasm in 2016 well, there’s a recipe for victory for Tropic, comfortable victory.

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But again, long way long road to November. And I do think that Trump, I know that Trump has a way of animating the other side to turn out because they so low, the orange man. So going into the state of the union, Trump comes off a big win in Iowa. Democrats completely botch it. Trump is looking at what he thought was perhaps his most serious foe in Joe Biden slipping into a fourth place. It looks like those numbers will roughly hold in Iowa. So he’s thinking, Oh my gosh, Joe Biden’s dead. He might not be the nominee. I might be facing a Bernie Sanders. Now we don’t know definitively about Bernie. I, I’ll weigh in on that later. But Trump’s walking in. Then he gets his Gallup numbers and he says, I’m popular. 49% approve. I’m doing the best I’ve ever done. Nine over 95% approval rating with the Republicans. And then he knows that this is the day before he is acquitted in the Senate and the cloud of impeachment is lifted off of him. So he’s walking in. In fact, he’s waltzing into this state of the union and you could see, you could see the

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happiness. He masked it, but you could see it. You could tell in his body language when he was giving his speech last night, the state of the union, he had the wind at his back. So this was the, the environment in dynamic going in. Now let’s talk about the speech just briefly. I actually thought he did a great job. It was his best day, the union hands down. I thought he, uh, although he doesn’t normally tell emotional stories. I thought the optics or great at that giving the medal of freedom to rush Limbaugh was right on the money and also the right thing to do. It was amazing to see Russia’s face. You could see he didn’t know it was coming. They have Melania put the metal on him right then and there was phenomenal and a nice, a really just an amazing tribute given the fact that rush, Justin [inaudible] admitted what the day before and he had advanced cancer, lung cancer.

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So that was a nice touch. Reuniting the military family was a nice touch. Uh, and I thought Trump hit on things that are, uh, red meaning without going over the top. So, for instance, he talked about immigration and he framed it about railing against sanctuary cities and said, the only sanctuary should be for Americans. That’s the only sanctuary I support. Um, these are all great ways of framing it. He talked about record low unemployment, particularly with minorities. I mean, I really think he hit all the marks that he needed to hit. Um, now what’s the, well, the optics that aren’t really portrayed, but I noticed of course is that the Democrats were not applauding for record or employment. They were not applauding for record unemployment for minorities. Mmm. They weren’t applauding for prosperity when Trump said the state of our union is strong, they weren’t applauding.

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Um, something about that does gall me in the past you would see Republicans even do a golf clap. I didn’t see that from the suffragettes over on the democratic side. And so there’s a bit of, a couple of things of controversy out of the state of the union. First is Trump snubbed Pelosi by not shaking her hand when he handed Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi copies historically, you hand them copies of the speech because those two are presiding over the state of the union. And he turned his back when Nancy reached out to shake his hand. Now some people think, was that an intentional snub? I suspect it was. I remember Trump’s walking in and the two haven’t spoken since they had a blow up in the oval office together months ago. But Pelosi is essentially, she’s the who green-lit the entire impeachment champ. So of course Trump’s not, he doesn’t want to genuflect to her.

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He’s there. He does what he has to do. And then he, he gives his speech. Democrats were outraged that he couldn’t play along with the process. Well, there were multiple members, including AOC of the democratic house that didn’t even show up to the, uh, to the state of the union. And there were other democratic members that were trying to make a statement by walking out in the middle, uh, uh, to leave. I believe it was walked out in the middle. Now. Uh, actually it has been the beginning and she went on MSNBC, um, and this wasn’t contrived at all and she said, well, I just had to walk out because when, when, um, Trump said that part of his, uh, accomplishments was appointing judges Kavanaugh, um, and Gorsuch, I had to walk out. I just can’t stand Kavanaugh. It’s like number one, you plan this, okay, you want to get on MSNBC because you want to raise money, you want to raise small dollars, and you want to be a victim.

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The contrived nature of all of this is just pathetic. But of course, MSNBC and Matt Allen, these people play right into it because it’s good for ratings and in their base eats it up. So the Democrats of course, are walking out. Now, I don’t hear democratic members that are saying, Oh my gosh, Trump has a soul and civilized that he wouldn’t, he, he turned his back on Nancy Pelosi. I don’t hear those same people saying that it was uncivilized and rude that AOC didn’t even show up for this. David’s show up, but the state of the union, it disrespected our institution of Congress and our government, but not even showing up. I didn’t hear anything about that of course. But the other piece of the other, I’ve heard actually last night that, well Trump actually didn’t see her reach, reached a hand out cause he didn’t shake pencil’s hand either and he would have happily shaken Pence his hand of course.

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So that’s the dueling theory I’m hearing is, well it Trump actually wasn’t a snub. I don’t know that I buy that. I actually think he probably did snub her tensions were running high and any but the fact that it would have been a much bigger deal, I think if he had shaken pencil’s hand and not re not accepted a shake from Pelosi. Of course Democrats are saying, Oh, Trump is such or massage penis, he’s this, he’s added the other. I don’t know that it was that big a deal because it was more subtle. Even if intentional. Now let’s get into the big controversy of the night. Nancy Pelosi shredding, ripping up Trump’s state of the union speech that he had handed to both Pence and Pelosi at the beginning of the speech. So just to set the scene, you’re probably are seen in the news cycle today, but Pelosi, I remember, I think it was last a state of the union.

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She did the little petulant golf clap as she leaned forward in her way of saying, Oh, aren’t you cute? Go screw yourself. Basically that, that was her at the last day of the union. This time what she did, again, not premeditated at all, I’m sure. Um, she, Trump was finished talking while he was still there while people were applauding Pence and Pelosi stood up. She took the paper and she ripped it twice in half and just kind of threw it down on the desk. And then when she was asked later on speaker below C a Y, why did you choose to tear up the paper? And her answer was basically, well, it was the, it was the least extreme thing. It was more, it was better than what I wanted to do to him. Well, that begs the question, what did you want to do? Did you want to yell at him?

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Did you want him punch him? What’s funny but not funny about this is the double standard, right? It’s that the Democrats constantly attack president Trump for being a barbarian, not being rude, not being civil, being petulant. Yet of course the Democrats are happy to hypocritically participate in that whole thing. It’s psych. Remember when think it was Michelle Obama said, DOE when they go low, we go high really well. All I’m seeing is Democrats going low and lower. But of course they get a pass from the mainstream media. And that is pretty frustrating that when Trump does it, he’s a misogynist and a racist and a bigot. Um, any hates everybody, particular minorities. But when Nancy does it, Oh no, it’s just a, she’s voicing her opinion. It’s no big deal. It’s not disrespectful, the institution. So here’s the problem. My feelings aside here is that I think this actually is the Democrats deplorables moment.

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Nancy Pelosi shredded, not Trump’s words, but the institutions, the state of our union just shredded it and showed in that one moment that we’ll become campaign ads, by the way, showed in that one moment what the last three years from the Democrats have been all about, which is, um, chasing power, trying to destroy Trump and just temper tantrums. They’re not doing what’s in the best interest of the country. And also, quite frankly, Polosi is livid. She’s living that Trump is on fire right now. He, she’s, she’s [inaudible] just live it about it. She’s livid that she knows that her impeachment was a complete waste of time. She knows that it didn’t turn out that Donald Trump’s job approval ticked up over five points since the beginning of impeachment. She knows all of this. So part of it was frustration, but part of it was a total child is, screw you, you are worthless.

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And I’m going to tell you what, what’s what, cause I’m the speaker. Well, she’s going to raise money on it for sure. I’m sure the fundraising emails already flying to democratic donors, uh, to with the GIF to try to raise money on it. But longterm, this is gonna cost her. This is gonna cost her because however small the indecided sliver is of presidential and house voters that are truly undecided, they’re going to look at this and they’re going to go, this doesn’t seem like somebody who really has our interest in mind. Who wants to get something done for the United States of America? This looks like somebody who’s a child. This looks like somebody who, um, is trying to settle the score, who’s complaining and perhaps, um, is it doesn’t have our best interest in heart. So I believe this is going to backfire. Uh, I believe the snub of the handshake will disappear because it’s questionable.

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If it was even a snub. And even if it was, and I’ll give people the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say it was a snub. It was done in a very low key manner versus shredding the institution and the part of the annual state of the union dresses. Do you realize it wasn’t just a piece of paper that she shredded? All of that is history. Trump comes in in leather folders and hands, copies of the speech to both Pence and Pelosi. Ease likely will go in the hall, the records of the library of Congress, and she just shred, screw you. Trump. Oh, how adult, how civilized. I guess I’m, when they, when we go low, they go lower. I guess that’s, that’s what it is. So, uh, I think that’s a, that’s a big takeaway. Okay. I thought Trump’s clothes was pretty brilliant where he says, um, the best is yet to come.

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Uh, the best is yet to come. When I heard Trump’s speech, what I felt was economic optimism bursting out of the scenes of his suit. And that is fundamentally what a president does, which is project confidence. Instill confidence in the people, instill consumer confidence, instill stock market, instill military national security confidence. He was brimming with it last night. The best is yet to come. I thought that was a perfect way to end a state of the union speech. I really do. Just optimism saying, not just saying we couldn’t be doing better, and you’re welcome. He’s saying we’re just getting started. The other tag I heard last night that I think is going to stay up, you’re going to hear more and more and more, both on the cable news channels, but also out of the Trump reelect is this phrase of call it, call it the blue collar boom, the blue collar boom, which is essentially Trump’s way of saying the middle class is getting lifted up under this administration and this economy, blue collar boom.

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I really like it. I’ve heard Trump called the blue collar billionaire before and that’s how come he relates to blue collar folks, but now it’s become the blue collar. Boom. I like it a lot. All right, let’s get back to elections for just a moment. So where are we with Iowa? Well, as of recording this podcast, we’re about 62% uh, of the results reported. Where are we? You’ve got budaj edge in the lead by about a point and half and you got Sanders and you got a few points back. You’ve got Warren that about almost 15 points below Buddha. Judge, you got Sanders in a fourth place. So what does all this mean? Well, um, because of the, if the results hold a booted judge, that’s crude in a bit because he doesn’t get to enjoy the same level of balance that he might have otherwise on caucus night.

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So that stinks for him. Bernie won the popular vote. He won the first round of vote, but he did not win the final, uh, alignment of the vote. He fell back a little bit. So what does this mean for Bernie? Well, it means there’s more pressure on New Hampshire and Bernie is likely to win New Hampshire. He’s from a neighboring state in Vermont. Um, these are, it’s a popular vote, not a caucus vote. So there’s no work realignments there’s no multiple, multiple rounds of voting. And Sanders has been up in the polls for several weeks now in a first place finish. So I anticipate that he will do well there. He needs to do really well there to reclaim Linton. New Hampshire is do or die for Buddha judge. He needs, if he wants a shot at actually winning the nomination, he has to win New Hampshire. I still don’t think he’s going to be the nominee, I think.

Speaker 2: (23:28)
I think essentially what he’d proved on caucus night in Iowa was it, he earned a seat at the table. He’s in the big leagues, he’s raised the money, he shows the organization and he can actually mobilize the vote. When push comes to shove, I think he’s earned a position, probably is the nominee in 2024 for the democratic party. That’s my prediction. But of course, Buddha judge still has some problems. He still has almost no African-American support. So of course he can win Iowa. It’s mostly white. But can he PR, can he hang in South Carolina? Can he, uh, what does it look like on super Tuesday when a large proportion of the democratic voting electorate is African American, evangelical African-American. Um, how does Buddha judge solve that? And the answer is, I don’t think he does unless he gets first place in New Hampshire. And perhaps the momentum just becomes so big that he can outperform an Iowa come in a second place in Iowa and uh, and somehow make come back.

Speaker 2: (24:34)
I don’t think much of that is very, very likely. But what is I would do for him, even with the limited balance, I think the press is going to refocus on him toward the tail end of the week. I, I saw Liz Smith, Buddha, Jesuits, campaign strategist and comms director say that they’ve experienced the highest traffic on booted. He booted judge.com ever. So, um, that’s means that they’re raising money. So even though Buddha judge his coffers were empty, it means they’re getting refilled. So that means he can compete probably going into super Tuesday if he chooses. So he, here’s the deal, if you’re booted, judge, what you try to do is simply stay alive, raise enough money to stay alive and hope for a Biden implosion and to be the establishment alternative to Trump and hope that Bloomberg’s money doesn’t stick and that you’re able to coalesce the party around you and go make this into a, uh, a Bernie Buddha judge fight.

Speaker 2: (25:47)
So that’s what you’re hoping to do. It’s a very slim path if you’re booted, judge, but you have every incentive to keep going. Cause the longer you keep going, the more the stronger political chops you have or 2024 when you really could be the nominee and become president. So that’s what Buddha is doing. Now what about Bernie? He didn’t win Iowa or may or maybe he does at the end of the day, but he’s not getting the bounce and he wasn’t even able to claim the popular vote because we didn’t know what the popular vote was on election night. So what does this mean? Well, not a lot. I think Bernie is still going to get pretty good credit. I don’t think his supporters abandoned him. Uh, because of this. He had a close enough showing, but again, it just puts more pressure on New Hampshire and uh, that’s what it is now.

Speaker 2: (26:41)
Warren, uh, she finished a respectable third. She’s got to pull a rabbit out of hat and one of these States, she just has to, I suspect she goes to super Tuesday. Um, because why not? She’s got the money and infrastructure to do it and she goes, as long as she can remember on super Tuesday or, uh, old home state of Oklahoma’s in that mix, she’ll, she’ll do, she’ll do all right. Winning some States, but I don’t think she goes the distance, but stay in and see what happens. You’ve got literally nothing to lose at this point. So she’ll stay in the real winter of Iowa was the loser of Iowa. Joe Biden, Joe Biden was the winner because we’re not sitting here other than on the Thomas guide. We’re not sitting here talking about how Biden is a loser, an underperformed expectations. We’re not, I mean, it’s embarrassing.

Speaker 2: (27:42)
It’s devastating. And Biden slipped into a distant fourth. He was, he was the front runner for months and months and months and months. He had all the money. Originally he was at broccoli. He was the vice president of the United States of America. He came in fourth place in Iowa. Well, it’s not good, but Biden is given a slight reprieve because we’re not talking about Biden’s embarrassing performance, allowing Biden to try to soft shoe and tap dance all the way to his firewall in South Carolina to become the comeback kid. But here’s the problem and you know, I’ve always been short on Biden with a caveat that I could see a path for him to win the nomination, but it just didn’t stack up to me. Something didn’t smell right to me. I didn’t believe the, the, the top line polling numbers way. I just, it just didn’t make sense in practice to me, and it looks like I might be right longterm, but we’ll see.

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Here’s the problem. Even though the mainstream media, has it covered the demise of Biden just yet? I think they’ll get to it, by the way. I think they’ll get to it next week, especially after New Hampshire, but the people that will fund Joe Biden’s campaign, he’s not funded by small donors. Mostly he’s funded by traditional fundraising, traditional fundraising bundlers. Those are the people that get weak in the knees and start banding you. When you look like a loser. Those people know that Joe Buck cause they follow it. Those donors know that Joe Biden’s slipped into a fourth place in Iowa. So the problem you have is right now, Joe is trying to reassure his financial bundlers that he’s asking to give him more money right now. Dig deeper that he’s, Oh, it was no big deal. It was just a blip. We always knew we weren’t going do well in Iowa.

Speaker 2: (29:42)
We’re not worried. Don’t worry, we’ve got a firewall. Give me more money. But while that may work for some people, I guarantee you is fundraising. Bundlers are abandoning him because they want to bat. They either don’t want to back a loser, but they really want to back a winner. So Biden’s money, it could be drawing up, which could weaken not just as firewall in South Carolina. Let’s assume he does well in South Carolina. I think he generally is popular there. African among evangelical African-Americans in that state seemed to like him. So let’s say he does okay. Maybe underperforms a little bit, but still comes in first place. The real ramifications of his loss in Iowa and the loss of money, it’s going into super Tuesday because you need big money to compete and he’s going to go into the Bloomberg wall of cash on super Tuesday and if he doesn’t have money to compete, he’s done Zo.

Speaker 2: (30:38)
So the winner on on Iowa strangely was Biden, but I think he’s going to get his comeuppance at the end of the day. I don’t think even that slight break from not getting smashed with press coverage on the night of being a loser, I think it still comes back to haunt him and I think he still loses. So those are the main dynamics going in. Now the other thing we saw just yesterday is Bloomberg doubled down and kicked in another 200 million in ad spend. Just upped it just like just like that. Why? Because he smelled weakness in Biden and knows that if he spends more and more and more ups makes the trend line of growth go faster, he can have a bigger showing potentially on super Tuesday and just crushed by it. He also, he smells, he just smells weakness. Right? He smells a weakness in the field. So a lot of money getting thrown around. I’m, I don’t think, well I, Bloomberg can goes as long as he wants. Right. But

Speaker 2: (31:49)
I tend to think, um, Bloomberg’s is more of the long shot than the, Oh well it’s going to be Bloomberg cause he had a lot of money. I just, it takes more than it’s money. [inaudible] really important part of the equation, but it ain’t everything. And if he is the nominee, I tend to think he still loses against Trump. And here’s why. Just more broadly, let me get this straight. The Democrats are going to put up another old white billionaire who’s less interesting than the billionaire old white billionaire that we currently have the white house and who has less of a track record of economic success as an elected official. Oh yeah. That’s brilliant. Totally. It’s a wreck. That’s a formula for success. Oh gosh. Uh, I tend to think, uh, the other thing is Bloomberg. I’ve watched him speak. He’s utterly uninspiring. I just don’t think he excites a enthusiasm.

Speaker 2: (32:58)
Of course, he can stroke a check and buy as much TV and staff as he wants, but that doesn’t in itself create enthusiasm. I don’t, I don’t think Bloomberg gets the, uh, he, he, he’s, he’s a Richard Joe Biden, an ability where he doesn’t have to worry about money and he campaign, but with the noose of stop and frisk, which is poisoned or key democratic coalition, you have to build, not just to win the nomination, but even if you can’t, you need them to turn out and November. So I don’t know. I just don’t, I don’t really see it against Bloomberg. Now let’s back up just for a second. Everybody’s been saying, Oh my gosh. Wow. Bernie and Bernie can’t possibly beat Trump. Well, sorry, I’m sipping tea here. Um, got to keep the pipes lubed. Um, a lot of people say, well, Bernie, Oh, he’s dead on arrival.

Speaker 2: (34:04)
He has no, he can be Trump, first of all, a ham sandwich. Unless these Gallup polls numbers hold ham sandwich has a shot against this president because of his approval numbers. And because this president isn’t a consistent player, um, in terms of he can tweet things that have Zen cause everything to go on a tailspin. He’s not predictable like your standard politician. So literally a ham sandwich has a shot being Trump yet on top of it. It, Bernie does have some admirable traits. Um, I think he can make a case to working class union members. I think he is making authentic, strong case. And here’s the problem. I think he loses electorally more than he gains. And that’s the problem. And his policies are so poisonous that when Trump contrasts and explains to the American people, particularly swing voters of what Bernie will cost them and what he will take away from them, I think Bernie’s dead on arrival.

Speaker 2: (35:06)
But even with that said, you never know if Trump remains upside down in his approvals or goes back to upside down. Honestly, ham sandwich has a shot against this president. So, um, don’t rule whoever the democratic nominee is, particularly if it’s, if it’s Bernie, I think Bernie is beatable. But he does have a shot. He does have a shot. Don’t discount that. So that’s what I’m watching. We’re going to keep a close eye on, uh, an Iowa to see if the results change there. Of course, today the Senate is supposed to vote on impeachment does appear that Susan Collins said that she would vote to exonerate the PR, quit their president. It looks like the president will not be removed, uh, convicted and removed from office. So we can kind of take that out. Uh, and then, uh, we’ll see if Trump, how Trump handles it and what the Democrats say.

Speaker 2: (36:08)
I mean, the democratic talking point is pretty obvious at this point, right? It’s, this was a, a fake trial. This was, this was a sham of a trial. We weren’t able to call witnesses, uh, and the, Oh, we’ve got to kick them out of the ballot box and by the, or we’ve got to impeach him again. We’ve got to do something else and impeach him again as a fraudulent president or fraudulent trial, no witnesses. Here’s the thing, of course they’re going to say that and you’re never going to satisfy the partisans on the democratic side. You just never, no matter what. But I do want to clear up the record that it is a little frustrating. This whole, well, there are no witnesses. Actually, there were plenty of witnesses in the house to be accurate. There are no new witnesses. That is what didn’t happen were new new witnesses. But the Democrats are conflating and the mainstream media has been complicit in saying, you know, McConnell and them pushed it to have no witnesses. Oh no. There was plenty of evidence and plenty of witnesses. What the senators were saying is they didn’t need any more witnesses added to the record to stretch out this sham, keep the country shut down essentially for an outcome that everybody knows. By the way, Trump’s going to be exonerated. But via even beyond that, the senators had enough information, enough facts to cast their vote.

Speaker 2: (37:37)
So I that irritates me that it didn’t get, when you have a complicit mainstream media, it’s very hard to correct the record here, but there were witnesses, there were lots of witnesses, and by the way, the Democrats could have called John Bolton. They could have called Mick Mulvaney, they could have called whoever they wanted, but they would’ve had to gone to court to get it and be more patient and wait a longer period of time. So the Democrats in the house chose not to go through the process to get the witnesses, all of the extra witnesses that they wanted. And why? Because they know this whole thing’s a sham and they knew the public opinion was a ticking time bomb. If they didn’t jam it, they needed to jam it through as fast as they could before it became obvious of what it was, which is a complete waste of time and a plete complete sham over nothing.

Speaker 2: (38:31)
So that’s why they didn’t call witnesses because they were trying to play political. All right now for that, you can tweet me at the Thomas guide on Twitter. You can go to a, you can go to the T guy.com I urge you to go check out the new website and sign up for my email list@thetguy.com. It’s free. You’re going to get a D, you’re going to get an email every time there’s new podcasts out so you don’t have to go hunting for it, which is cool. You’re going to get exclusive content. You’re going to get reminders. When I, after I do a Fox hit or when I’m coming up on a Fox, that where you can find me what happened there. For instance, this week I’m going to be interviewed at SC. I’m going to give exclusively to our email subscribers, my sit down interview where professor of journalism is going to be interviewing me.

Speaker 2: (39:21)
So doing that, I’m actually going to be, I think does next couple of days. I’m going to see if I can get a camera in the room. I am participating in something in West Los Angeles called the hammer forum. Now, if you don’t know what the hammer form is, I wouldn’t expect it to. It is a, uh, in the belly of the beast in West Los Angeles. It is an auditorium filled with frothing ultra left liberals and something called the hammer museum and they do a, uh, an occasional public, uh, a lecture series. This case I’ve been invited to talk about the election and politics now. I went, gosh, when was it? I want to say it was, I was back at the hammer museum in 2010. I think it was either. I was right after Meg Whitman ran. She either it was running or just lie, I think she just lost a race for governor against Jerry Brown in California.

Speaker 2: (40:21)
And I remember I was up on stage with one or two other panelists. I was the only Republican up there and people were hissing and screaming at me from the audience. And this was six years before Donald Trump. Anyway, I cannot wait to get in there and see the liberal tears just dripping as I remind the audience about what the latest Gallup numbers are. So hopefully I can get a camera in there. I’m working on it, and if I can, I will share it with all of you. If you subscribe to my email list, so be sure to do that. Anyway, we’ll catch you tomorrow on another episode of the Thomas guide, and we’ll talk about the next steps for Donald Trump after he’s acquitted. Thanks so much and have a great day.